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Kenya WFL 2016

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The current struggle Kenya faces is to supply clean water to its population. Many villages are left without water in the drought season. To help Kenya’s water crisis a team was sent to assess existing pumps installed by IAAAE and locate new locations throughout the country where new pumps can be installed.

What we did

A site investigation on new proposed location where pumps can be installed was conducted. In the investigation we investigated availability of water, the water level, the closest water source and carried out a feasibility study on the best technique to install the pump. The team meet with many different chiefs, local villagers and village elders to obtain information and ­plan for the future works which are going to be carried out by IAAAE.

IAAAE’s  percussive rig in Kenya has been inspected, to ensure it is ready for future work which are to be carried out in Kenya.
On the field a follow up was also done on existing pumps which have previously installed by IAAAE teams in the past. The follow up allowed us to update our database on the condition of the pumps. By getting this information it has allowed IAAAE to ensure that our pumps works and plan the repair of the broken pumps.

Social Impact

Many local elders came out to meet the team to express their need of a pump. They informed our team how in some situations there women and children walk 14km twice a day to get water.

Our team also visited a number of school where IAAAE has installed a pump a meet with the head teachers of the school. The head teachers were extremely grateful for what IAAAE has done for their school, as a result some of the schools are now one of the best schools in their regions. By installing a pump IAAAE has ensured the students and local villagers do not have to struggle by walk miles after miles to collect water.

Our team plans to install over 15 new pumps and repair 16 of existing pumps. This will allow us to provide water for 40000 people.

The International Association of Ahmadiyya Architects & Engineers is an organization with the primary aim of providing humanitarian aid and development to the poorest of the world.

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