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Niger WFL 2016

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Niger is ranked as the second poorest nation in the world and it is also one of the hottest countries, where most of the land is desert. The water supply is limited, due to its hot and dry climate. Only 7% of the population have access to sanitation. However, in some rural areas the situation is much worse and can be as low as 3%. Children are burdened with the responsibility to fetch water for their families and have to walk to the nearest well which is most often several miles away. This is a great problem for the overall education of the children.  Approximately 80% of the population are involved in farming and agriculture. Heavy droughts  effect the growth of crops, which is the reason why Niger is suffering from a ‘food crisis’ affecting half the population. During the rainy season Niger is also prone to severe floods. This is when most of the planted crops are washed away and homes are destroyed leaving families homeless. All of these challenges and more have been a compelling reason for IAAAE to serve the people of Niger as best possible.

What we did

Two of our engineers from United Kingdom & Germany traveled to Niger in 2016 and volunteered for a month. As a field engineers, they managed the rehabilitation of 53 water wells including 3 new boreholes in Tahoua Region, Niger. Meetings with government officials, contractors and village chiefs were held in order to brief them about the IAAAE projects 

Social Impact

The rehabilitation of 53 water wells including 3 new boreholes, is providing clean water to over 50,000 people. Training to locals have been provided to fix minor issues related to the India Mark II hand pump.

The International Association of Ahmadiyya Architects & Engineers is an organization with the primary aim of providing humanitarian aid and development to the poorest of the world.

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