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Senegal AEC 2015

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In the rural parts of Senegal only 17 percent have access to electricity. There is little interest for private investors to provide electricity in remote locations due to high investment cost and low revenues. Therefore the Senegalese government implemented two electrification programs for both large scale “Rural Electrification Priority Programme” (PPER) and small scale “Local Initiative for Rural Electrification” (ERIL). Senegal requires large volumes of donations to successfully implement those programs. 

What we did

IAAAE’s Alternative Energy committee identified the electricity deficit, which the Senegalese are facing in remote location and offered to help those people in need to provide solar systems in remote parts of Senegal. The national president of our community in Senegal performed a preliminary analysis for suitable location in remote villages before the arrival of the engineers. This analysis was fundamental to identify, which locations urgently needed electricity for the local community. Just like in previous countries, AEC members have reached a new milestone by installing 25 solar systems within three weeks time across Senegal.   

Social impact

The villages in which the AEC installed the solar systems have access to energy for the first time in their lives. The engineers designed an access point for  the local community. The locals are now able to charge not only cell phones but also recharge electrical lanterns. Moreover, students from nearby schools are now able to study when it is dark.

The International Association of Ahmadiyya Architects & Engineers is an organization with the primary aim of providing humanitarian aid and development to the poorest of the world.

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