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Tanzania WFL 2016

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Water For Life Engineers traveled to Shinyanga, which is located in the northern part of Tanzania. This region has very few working wells for a large population.

What we did

Water For Life team conducted a detailed study on the water well conditions and water quality. The engineers identified that the majority of water wells have been inactive for several years. Broken down hand pumps led local communities to open up the wells to fetch water. By doing so, the wells have been heavily contaminated. There is an urgent need to increase the number of wells in this region. The team has drafted several proposals to provide clean drinking water to the population.

The team visited the Dodoma region and identified a potential candidate for a solar water well installation. They have under taken the preliminary checks, flushed out of the well, conducted yield test and performed a water quality test.

A novel water gathering system is being designed to harvest rain water for a remote high altitude village in Shinyanga.

Social Impact

The rehabilitation and drilling proposals will provide water for over 12,000 people.

Government Water supply in Dodoma is unreliable. Over 100 households collect water from this water well. This number doubles when Water supply is cut. The solar water well in Dodoma will provide clean running water for the people. This will be more crucial when water mains is inactive.

The International Association of Ahmadiyya Architects & Engineers is an organization with the primary aim of providing humanitarian aid and development to the poorest of the world.

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