Experimental plot in Burkina Faso

IAAAE agricultural team is looking to enhance food productivity in Africa in multiple ways. One concentration is towards growing native crops which are indigenous, as such seeds will have a genetically better survival tolerance to the local climate, as was seen in the IAAAE experimental plot in Burkina Faso.  

New Borehole Drilling

Mr Irshad Haider from Canada sponsored the drilling of a new borehole in Bugeni, Mali. After completion of this borehole, which will be drilled to 100m depth will also include a solar water well system with a water distribution facility. After successful completion of this project, this will provide water to over 2,500 beneficiaries. IAAAE has taken the […]

Tanzania Maintenance

Insight Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Engineers from Europe were not able to reach the remote villages in Africa. Therefore, the AEC(Alternative Energy Committee) started to explore ways to enable the local technicians to assist with maintenance of existing systems in countries where government lockdown protocols allowed free intercity movement. Tanzania is one of the countries […]

Burkina Faso Hand Pumps

Insight The struggle Burkina Faso faces is to supply clean water to it’s population. Many villages are left without water, especially in the drought season. To help Burkina Faso’s water crisis, a team was sent to assess existing pumps installed by other NGOs that no longer work. IAAAE works to rehabilitate the borehole and install […]

Benin Borehole Drilling

Insight IAAAE and Jamaat Ahmadiyya Benin have initiated the construction of 50 wells. On the 3rd of December 2019 official ceremony of launching the project was organized. The director cabinet of the ministry of water and mines was also present in addition to the mayor of Atchieme (where the ceremony took place) and a Representative […]