Sierra Leone Model Village


IAAAE’s expertise in Water, Solar Energy and Architecture have enabled us to combine all three segments into one self-sustainable project known as the “Model Village”. This project aims to provide clean running water to the doorsteps of people and with it light not only in houses but in the streets as well. The water generated is also used for irrigation allowing villagers to grow crops for their everyday needs for 365 days of the year. Near the Sahara Desert, where this scheme was done one cannot imagine the impact of this project for the locals. Those people who had to travel up to 4-5 miles every day just to quench their thirst can now have easy access to water throughout the year.

What we did

The electricity brought through 21 solar panels is not only providing electricity to 70 homes but also provides the energy to pump water into a tank with a capacity of 25,000 litres. From the water tank we have laid 2km long pipes, which flows water to the houses and the gardens in this village. We have also installed 7 water taps in strategic areas so all have easy access.

In 2013 Burkina Faso’s first “Model Village” has been completed and is known as Mehdi Abad located in the desolate region of Dori.

Social Impact

The model village Mehdi Abad has a community centre for training and congregational purposes for a population of 500. The villagers are able to learn computing skills and the ladies have access to sewing equipment so that they can start making their own livelihoods from the skills learnt. Also through the irrigation people are be able to grow cash crops thus helping them earn a decent living.

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